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Creating a distinction with its Customer Satisfaction concept, Datacore centrally provides the solution required by the customer in any field of service and integration. In this sense, the company has combined customer satisfaction with its solution-oriented service composition.

While offering its solution-oriented approach to its customers through highly-specialized and experienced staff, Datacore partners with prominent and leading enterprises of the world engaged in its field.

Datacore reshapes its solution concept across the requirements of business continuity that constitutes its core job. Solutions provided by Datacore to this end are formulated through a service approach incorporating the following three major items allowing business continuity in an enterprise.

  • Providing solutions that would consistently secure the accessibility of the critical data,
  • Ensuring through the solutions that data can superiorly be protected and managed,
  • Ensuring the sustainability of applications and assets through solutions.

A realistic analysis is the first stop of the path to the right solution. The first step to purely meet your requirements is to make a proper assessment of the infrastructure. Datacore's approach in this sense is to fill in the gap between the findings of this assessment and your proposed destination through its in-depth know-how and right product line for the brilliant outcome.

Our solution incorporates key processes of the Corporate Data Management, namely Data consolidation, Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Archive, Virtualization ,SAN Design and Server systems. With our in-depth data management experience , we have implemented in excess of 4000 projects and currently manage data exceeding 50PB.

Datacore acts as your single partner handling the whole process spanning from identification of your infrastructure requirements up to installation, and from support up to training

  • Data Storage (SAN and NAS)

    Data storage is the most critical component of an organization's data centre infrastructure.

  • Business Continuity

    Data loss means loss of money, prestige and time, irrecoverable loss of critical data that would safely convey you to future,

  • Backup and Recovery

    The structure that can be changed very hardly today is the storage structure. Each environment is different and each requirement should separately be assessed.

  • Disaster Recovery

    In case past or potential disaster scenarios are encountered, disaster recovery management is engaged.

  • Virtualization

    Virtualization of your IT infrastructure would enhance the efficiency, utilization and flexibility of your current hardware and also contribute to the reduction of your costs.

  • HPC and Server Systems

    DATACORE IT Systems company has been the exclusive distributor of Silicon Graphics in Turkey since 2000.

  • Archive Solutions

    The simplest way to manage uncontrollable data growth is archiving.


Data Storage (SAN and NAS)


Business Continuity


Backup and Recovery


Disaster Recovery




HPC and Server Systems


Archive Solutions