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Backup and Recovery

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The most difficultly changed structure today is backup structure. As data grows, the possibility of encountering problems in scenarios relevant to backup is higher. While reducing backed up data quantity is intended, reaching backed up data faster is important.

Data protection has a critical importance for successful works. Technologies including new strategic initiatives as quick data increase, increasing infrastructure complexity and virtualization, cloud and BYOD do not meet modern data center demands of today with the old backup methods.

What pushes us to seek for the best backup method?

  • Failure in completing the backups within time,
  • Existence of extreme data excess,
  • Difficultly managed backup tools,
  • Backup procedures requiring manual intervention,
  • Back up of end user’s data,
  • Backup solution working in integration with cloud and various needs which go into detail and may become a problem at the end of the day.

One of the most important factors is providing data security in the best way during transition to a new structure or improvement and preferring fast, innovative, easily manageable, flexible structures.

With 17 year experience and knowledge coming with this experience, Datacore is different because knowledge differentiates.