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Business Continuity

Requirement for disaster recovery centers to avoid data loss in disasters and the business continuity concept becomes more crucial for the corporations every passing day. With our business continuity solutions, we intend your systems to operate uninterruptedly in case of any breakdown or disaster.

Recently, corporate companies provide business continuity according to two important concepts, to RTO and RPO values;

RTO (Recovery Time Objective) expresses acceptable maximum interruption time and RPO (Recovery Point Object) value expresses acceptable data loss in terms of period. In accordance with determined RTO and RPO values active-passive or active-passive data center structures may be established, data’s currency and security may be provided at a secondary location by synchronous or asynchronous replication methods.

It is important to prefer the right companies to transfer your critical business processes to a reliable structure by considering today’s and tomorrow’s costs along with you.

As a team sharing the same concerns with you, we stand by you as Datacore with approved solutions which shall carry you to success and more importantly, with 17 year corporate experience on this subject.