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Data Storage (SAN and NAS)

Data Storage is the most critical component in data center infrastructure of the institutions. Proper selection of your Data Storage infrastructure is the most important component for high performance and reliable operation of all of your applications.

With its 17 year experience, DATACORE analyzes your needs in this field and offers you a reliable roadmap with proper capacity and performance planning by considering not only the current status but also your future needs.

SAN / NAS / Object Storage Solutions

Block Storage

Block level storage is generally known as SAN solutions.

(Storage Area Network)

In SAN structures, Fiber Channel, FCoE, iSCSI and such protocols are used. These structures are which servers access data storage systems directly to block level and file systems are kept on servers.

Data are kept as fixed size “Blocks”, they are ideal for corporate databases.

File Storage

File level storage is generally known as NAS solutions.

(Network Attached Storage)

Network attached storage units; In NAS structures, NFS and SMB/CIFS protocols are used. NAS, Network Attach Storage, is data storage device operating over Network. Network attached Storage (NAS) is becoming a powerful and proven technology for storing and sharing office data.  

Data are kept in files in nested folders hierarchically, they are ideal for active documents.

Object Storage

Object based storage units are devices designed due to the developing cloud structure, growing data size and data diversity.

Object based storage units eliminate majority of the problems as scalability and reliability by modern data management. By Erasure coding, much greater productivity and much higher data integrity and robustness compared to traditional storage solutions are provided.

They are ideal for not-configured big data, analyses and archiving.

Your data storage platform consolidated with DATACORE enables you to use your environment more efficiently and also to make money and resource saving.

Observing IT world today, importance of speed in our world is inevitable and competition has reached to serious dimensions for all sectors. Responsibilities of IT departments is increasing day by day accordingly. Obtaining all needs properly is in our power, however, there are many important steps unnoticed but should not be ignored while keeping pace with this speed.

One of the most important subjects for companies is not selecting a good platform only. An accurately planned solution brings you also performance and data security along with it.

It is observed in the previous years that companies estimating their costs of ownerships by considering future years have protected their investments at the advantageous rates they have determined.
Datacore, proven itself, serves as a system integrator providing management of corporate data in the best way.

This approach of Datacore, which follows technology in advance and accompanies you with its equipped and fully ready technical team to provide solution oriented proper environments whenever you need, has been the ultimate factor in being preferred by its customer. This solution approach of DATACORE ensures guarantee for transition to a risk free, scalable and flexible structure in your corporate applications with thousands of users.