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HPC and Server Systems

Server Systems

DATACORE, a leading corporate data management company of Turkey, has intended to work data oriented in the sense of solution.

Accordingly, it considers server as a calculation device and always gives place for storage based consolidation in the center of the solutions it produces.

DATACORE Information Systems has the product group, knowledge and experience to generate total and integrated solutions at every point the corporations need from entry level servers to big servers to be used in fields as OLTP and Data warehouse which requires high storage use and high performance having hundreds of CPUs.

DATACORE Information Systems is the exclusive distributor of Silicon Graphics in Turkey since 2000. Within this scope, DATACORE installs and operates Silicon Graphics solutions in many fields in Turkey as many universities, public institutions and Defense Industry.

It offers solution to fields requiring high calculations in a short time as High Performance Computing systems (HPC) Technical Computing and Big Data Analytics. SGI is an innovative and leader solution producer of the market focused completely in these fields.

Systems which enable calculations of three dimensional applications with high performance in many fields specifically in defense, science, chemistry, biology, production, energy and media are offered and installation and technical support of these systems are provided by DATACORE. 

Moreover, SGI is an important solution provider in OLTP data and Data warehouse requiring high performance. In projects performed by established Reality Center, digital publication visual network environments, opportunity for high quality calculation is provided by adapting technologic requirements of the 21st Century.