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Virtualization of your informatics infrastructure shall provide increase of productivity, utilization and flexibility of your existing hardware while reducing costs of power consumption, maintenance, management and cooling. Many companies in various size throughout the world are using virtualization solutions.

Datacore analyzes current environments of its customers, perceives the need accurately and determines the virtualization strategies by considering the benefits the prospective innovations shall provide for the structure by following technology. Today, with a total solution approach managing ten thousands of virtual machines, Vmware is the ultimate level Premier business partner.

Server Virtualization

Usage of virtual machine provides quite important opportunities for small, medium and large scale companies. It provides significant savings in new product and service development costs by removing various software and hardware dependency enabling operation of more than one server and application on physical main machine and using physical hardware more effectively by the help of virtual machines.

  • Enables using server capacity with a higher productivity.
  • Provides up to 50% decrease in hardware costs according to the scale of the corporation.
  • Provides opportunity to create new servers for test or software development when a need occurs.
  • There is an opportunity to make the virtual servers operable much faster in case of any problem.
  • By central management, opportunity to monitor and report all servers from a single center.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization solutions give claim flexibility while increasing control of the users on desktop, applications and data. 

  • Desktop solutions provide a scalable, consistent and exactly safe structure to maintain maximum working period and productivity.
  • Our goal is warranting a centralized and easy structure by reducing capital and operational expenses and simplifying desktop management.
  • A decrease of up to 80% is seen in operational installation and maintenance costs.

Data Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization seems to be a single storage device, consequently, it is a physical storage grouping process from more than one network storage devices.

  • Data storage virtualization technology is a solution simplifying corporate data management and reducing total costs of ownerships.
  • It provides an advanced storage management in a heterogenic IT environment.
  • With its automatic management, it minimizes the periods of better utility and interruption
  • Better storage use

Network Virtualization

It brings various advantages as network security, multiplexing network devices, enabling use of network resources at a better level, reducing physical end count incredibly along with it.