KVKK - GDPR Solutions

KVKK - GDPR Solutions

“Hard times await companies that are not ready for GDPR”

Commvault, a global leader in enterprise backup, data recovery, archiving and cloud, has released its research results with the IT manager of 177 global companies for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR-General Data Protection Regulation), which has been shown as the most important reform in recent years to protect the privacy rights of EU citizens.

KVKK - GDPR Solutions
Know your data, reduce risk
To address the challenges of managing personal data, you first need to know where it is. This is difficult when dealing with a large number of deleted unstructured data, such as emails and documents.
At the same time, you should be prepared to respond to potentially large data flow requests related to the data you collect, including deletion of personal data in all expected time frames.
Commvault software allows you to know where your data lives, manage and remove unnecessary personal data and protect the data you want.