Professional Services

Professional Services

The logic of standard maintenance & support services in Turkey has completely changed with Datacore!
Compliments to Datacore
Professional Services
Maintenance and support service
Our developing and experienced expert support team havingtop level updated certificates completed, which cares about your organization like its own team provides quality service to you, with team leadership applied for each solution.
In addition to the guarantee agreement signed with manufacturers with the highest level of partnership in valuable brands, extensive spare parts stock investment has been made to ensure the continuity of the commitments made by Datacore.
A seamless structure is delivered by providing detailed reports on how to integrate the proposed solution into your environment and applying it exactly.
All service provided is tracked and reported with SAP.
Consultancy Services;

It provides the necessary product, technology and application optimization in order to work in the performance you target by performing the infrastructure analyzes correctly and systematically. It is possible to analyze the obtained infrastructure and report it to you and to analyze the existing infrastructure from end to end and to determine the faults.

Installation Services;

The correct installation takes place with training, investment and experience. From this point of view, we continue our service quality with our successful installations, which have been realized over 4000, satisfied structures, satisfied valued customers who observed Datacore professionalism during the installation phase. Since we have team leaders connected to different product groups, your installation is provided with our senior engineers who are competent in the solution.

Training Services;

These are trainings with high technical satisfaction, which are organized with their own resources, depending on a corporate program, belonging to the products that Datacore provides solutions. Trainings organized in classes of 10-15 people in our authorized training centers are carried out by specialist certified technical engineers with training materials used in specified standards and internationally. It is provided to test the topics covered in the training in Datacore Data Management Studio (DDMS). At the end of the training, participation certificate is given. When the training is completed successfully, your certificate is presented.