Data Center and Cloud Services

Data Center and Cloud Services

Make Your Universe Powerful, Integrated and Managed
We manage your data safely in our data center, take over the risk of your routine work and ensure that you use your operational work resources more efficiently.
Datacosmos is a datacore affiliate.
Data Center and Cloud Services
The data is your business DNA.
Data and the supporting infrastructure play an important role in the efficiency and identity of your business. So simply backup is not enough. In the event of a system crash or disaster, it is very important to be online quickly and fully for the success of your transaction.
Job protection starts here.
At DATACOSMOS, we combine best practices with best-in-class solutions to provide the right amount of protection for your business. Our managed services include data protection, efficient monitoring and incident response to provide the IT flexibility you need, while getting you up and running quickly.
Managed Backup Service
Data Protection
It provides ongoing protection and consistently verifies backups to ensure full preparedness for any disaster. From file-based backups to snapshot-based backups, DATACOSMOS supports all data sources, file types, storage media and backup modes. In addition, the files and folders on corporate file sharing are within the scope of our support.
DATACOSMOS co-designs and implements data protection and information management strategies that provide accessibility to protect sensitive data. DATACOSMOS helps you identify the applications and requirements that are most critical for your priority backup job.
Restoration Testing
DATACOSMOS allows you to periodically test the functionality of interconnected servers and applications, as well as verifying the backups you have received. Datacosmos allows you to focus on your core business by reporting that you are ready for disaster with guaranteed recovery tests.
Backup Monitoring
Prevents incomplete and invalid backups by monitoring and reporting on your entire backup environment as well as proactively identifying and resolving integrity issues. Veristor helps you detect failed backups across all of your data protection environments, backup platforms and applications so you can plan corrective actions.
Data Center
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Data Storage
Professional Services
Disaster Recovery as a Service Solution
Dedicated Support Professionals
Provides documented processes to recover and protect your digital assets in case of a natural disaster or human action that brings down your IT infrastructure. Expert consulting helps build a comprehensive step-by-step plan so your business can quickly resume mission-critical functions.
Recovery Testing
Determines the efficacy of entire restore processes by simulating failures at varying points and proving successful recovery in real-time. Veristor utilizes an approach that’s non-disruptive to your production environment so you can automatically conduct disaster testing that suits your schedule.
System Monitoring
Creates complete, ongoing visibility in the health of restore ebvironments for rapid recovery from any disaster. Automated scans and data analysis identify and alert you of any configuration issues and potential points of failure. We also offer remediation guidance and dashboard to drill down through reported data.
System Compliance
Validates compliance to strict security regulations (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FINRA, SOX, SEC etc.) to keep data safe, secure and accessible. Veristor applies non-disruptive testing, documented with clear pass/fail reports, to meet all major compliance requirements.