Data Storage, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Data Storage, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The flawlessly planned solution brings you performance and data security
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Data Storage, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
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Datacore Information Systems offers solutions that enable companies to implement artificial intelligence projects, accelerate existing applications and benefit from cloud services, as well as the industry's fastest, cloud-connected enterprise all-flash systems and new data management software for hybrid cloud environments, comes to the fore.
With solutions that support the industry's first-to-end “nonvolitale memory express” (NVMe) architecture, it makes its performance stronger and can run 60 percent more workloads over a single system with 50 percent faster data access than the Fiber Channel Protocol.
It offers uninterrupted data access with active business continuity solutions that best protect your corporate assets.
It allows petabyte scale datasets to be automatically layered in object-based storage in the cloud or on-premises.
Leading products and All-Flash storage technology dramatically change business processes by increasing application performance and improving server efficiency.
What Datacore provides you;
Providing consultancy & support and trainings suitable for the project
Analyzing the created designs with our leading brands
Providing container sensitive storage support and solutions
Creating storage continuity and disaster recovery designs in parallel with your RTO and RPO needs
Unleash the power of your data.
Datacore serves as a proven, system leader in its field that provides the most accurate management of corporate data.
Datacore, which is by your side with a literally ready and equipped technical team following technology ahead, to provide the right environments for solutions immediately when you need it receives praise from customers thereof with this approach.
This solution approach of DATACORE provides assurance of transitioning to a risk-free, scalable and flexible structure in your corporate applications with thousands of users.
It provides all the support for smart data storage products that can be managed, efficient and high performance, in line with the needs of the enterprises, with strong support team and leading brands thereof.