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Product Overview

NetApp Spot, delivered by ePlus, provides a comprehensive, SaaS-based offering that easily lets you ingest your AWS accounts and begin to immediately and continuously optimize cost and AWS service delivery. Key products included in the integrated suite include:

· Eco Provides full lifecycle management for Reserved Instances and Savings Plans. Eco maximizes RI utilization and automates selling and conversion in the AWS Marketplace to maximize the ROI on your compute commitments.

NetApp Spot

· Elastigroup Makes it easy to deploy mission-critical workloads on EC2 Spot Instances with availability and enterprise SLAs to save up to 90% on compute. With advanced auto-scaling for predictable performance, plus integrations with dozens of AWS services and tools, it just takes a few clicks to get started.

· Ocean Delivers a serverless containers experience. Robust, container-driven auto-scaling and intelligent right-sizing that supports ECS, EKS and Kubernetes, teams can "set and forget" the underlying EC2 Spot Instance cluster.

· Cloud Analyzer Provides free insights into infrastructure usage and costs across workloads, services, regions and AWS accounts, showing how and where you can reduce costs with just a few clicks.

Spot is applicable to customers at all stages of their AWS journey. The platform easily allows you to start with a simple goal such as RI/Savings Plan optimization with the ability to move to Spot instance optimizations and more advanced functionality when ready. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, ePlus helps customers adopt FinOps across their AWS ecocsystem with the end goal of using AWS to drive business agility and innovation.

Key Features

· Simple to onboard with CloudFormation templates

· Easy to navigate user interface

· Completely automates RI and Savings Plans purchases as well as RI sellback

· Completely automates intelligent Spot purchases for maximum savings

· Frees up time for Cloud Operations teams to drive the business

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