Managed Services

Institutions Prefer Managed Services

Risks are reduced with the new business life!

Institutions prefer Managed Services.

We were ready to offer “Managed Service” since the day we were founded!
With our years of experience, knowledge, professional, equipped, strong technical staff, investments in the solutions we provide, our monitoring center, we offer reliable and reliable management.

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Managed Services

7x24 365 days monitoring, instant control of success values, ensuring uninterrupted operation of structures with a professional team, high level protection, detailed reporting and system performance and success statistics, verification tests, SAP application and special customer service tracking.

Backup Service;

Losing the data you have is a situation that can cause great difficulties for every organization. In order not to lose your valuable data, you may have to back it up to several places according to its importance. The area you will spare for back-up, the backup period and the time spent to back-up means lose of time and effort. The actions we will perform on your behalf in order to save you and your team dealing with backup operations and to prevent you from losing your data and to maintain the continuity of your server such as ensuring the security of the data on the server, prevent your server from becoming unusable due to unexpected problems, returning to the nearest possible backup without losing data after a faulty operation and returning the server to the last smooth running without any interruption for hours during all these processes, are no longer a problem for you. With the backup facility offered to you with the Datacosmos backup service, your backups are taken within the period within the framework of the contract you have determined and are safely stored in the system. These backups are used to save the system according to your request.

Disaster Recovery Service;

Disaster Recovery Service aims to maintain business continuity of your data. With this service, in case of any disaster that will occur at the location where an application's IT infrastructure is located (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.), the infrastructure should be put into operation and continuity in another location as soon as possible. Datacosmos manages the positioning and monitoring of the same or optimized version of IT infrastructure in the Datacosmos data center within the disaster recovery service.

Archive Services;

Why do you allow inactive data to use on-premises storage space? Use your infrastructure more efficiently and reduce costs by archiving data with our secure and scalable cloud archiving solution. The Datacosmos cloud archiving solution helps you archive data that is not frequently accessed in our secure data center, helping you reduce costs and simplify storage management. By moving your inactive data from outside the company to the Datacosmos cloud, you unload your internal resources and realize the benefits of a scalable and cost-effective archiving service.