Managed Services

Institutions Prefer Managed Services

Our expert IT consultants use proven methodologies to assist you in optimizing costs, reducing risk, and getting a faster return from your IT investments. As Datacosmos, we implement a managed services solution, which provides a predictable service model by using the best practices in its subject matter.

  • Better Cost Control
  • Improved Risk Management
  • High Usability, Efficiency, and Productivity
  • Model that encourages Innovation
  • Future-oriented IT Services
Compliments to Datacore
Managed Services

Our approach is to safeguard your most critical asset

Understanding your current environment is critically important to your future investments. Consisting of certified specialists, our expert teams (with more than 20-year sector experience) identify where you stand technologically and certify how you should invest in the future, by working with you, for you.

Through the Managed IT Services, we help you identify all kinds of problems without causing a major interruption, safeguard your data, desktops, devices, and applications, and carry out business continuity and disaster recovery operations in order to buttress security by eliminating the time to be subject to disruptions.

  • Customer-focused Approach
  • Continuous Improvement and Culture of Adding Value
  • A Team that knows Business Needs
  • High-level Motivation

Why Managed Services?

  • Discuss your current IT business challenges and targets
  • Make an evaluation of the current IT environment
  • Provide a plan that contains a timetable that fits your budget
  • Provide a timely response to your requests through the most effective solution

If you are unwilling to think about the daily routine and just want to focus on the result, Managed Services will be the right solution for you. With Managed Services, you free your team from daily routine work with no added value and get them focused on their areas of expertise. Datacore has provided the following services with its experienced and certified employees for 9 years.

If we concisely explain its benefits;

  • This service saves you from numerous pre-purchase procedures in your standard projects
  • It ensures that you reach your objective in an easy way, only by expressing your wishes and signing serious contracts with sanctions in this respect
  • It eliminates many standard processes like examining the technical details of products, poring over differences, and making demo and poc
  • You do not need to keep track of the year-end of producers to adapt the purchase you will make into your budget
  • It ensures that you acquire products and services at the most reasonable levels that your budget allows
  • It saves you from planning the hardware and software required for your project in line with your three-four-year growth targets
  • It ensures that you switch to a system that you can supply in line with current needs
  • It saves you from many invisible costs also after purchase
Backup as a Service
Disaster as a Service
Archive as a Service

If we are to give a few examples here;

For example, company A has heard about these Managed Services for the first time and wanted to hand over the backup operations to a professional company.

Upon request, backup operations were initiated in the customer's environment and it was decided to keep the initial copies within the company.

A copy of the data was requested to be taken out due to the security of the backup data over the course of time.

At this point, Datacosmos cloud services stepped in and fulfilled the need.

This way, the backup operations were completely brought under security.

Let us continue our example: and the same company has decided on a disaster recovery project for their critical server.

  • It has delivered all of its backup operations to a professional backup staff
  • It has reduced the total ownership cost by getting rid of the operational workloads on the backup side
  • By putting the 3-2-1 rule in the world of backup into practice, it has ensured the security of the company data
  • A second data center that would be required in the FKM project was saved from hardware and license costs
  • It has acquired a backup and FKM system that is monitored, tested, and reported constantly and regularly

On Monitoring

As an extension of the services received, our customers are provided with 24/7 monitoring, logging, tracing, and call tracking services free of charge. Although the content of managed services varies, monitoring is done through a single platform. We can summarize the benefit of this as follows: it allows for the elimination of problems without causing any interruption by detecting interrelated problems in advance. The Monitoring team works with a team of engineers who are assigned to it in the background and who provide 24/7 support. The engineer groups are distinguished into classes related to the content of managed services and comprise teams specialized in their respective fields. The teams of engineers consist of backup, storage, virtualization, network, security, and Kubernetes engineers who are involved only with their own jobs.

About Reporting

As well as the monitoring, it is useful to explain the contents of the reports we provide to our customers. We produce regular reports with different levels of awareness about the services offered and share them with our customers. While reports that contain detailed technical analyses are presented to technical teams, the ones containing cost, profitability targets, and success ratios can be produced for managers.

You can use Datacosmos services either in your own environment or in Datacosmos data centers in line with your wish. In both cases, you will benefit from the 24/7 monitoring service and high SLA ratios under the umbrella of Datacosmos.

Datacosmos provides services with its leading business partners in Managed Services under two main headings.

These are the main headings of hardware and software, as you can guess.

1- It can be summarized as the detection, implementation, management, and monitoring of software, elimination of deficiencies, and fulfillment of instant requests, within the meaning of the respective company's information processing policies. In this context, all backup, restoring, replication, and archiving operations are managed in line with the respective company's backup and storage policies. Warnings and errors received are rectified without reflecting them to the company. All requests, like restoring requests from the company and the implementation of additional workloads, are fulfilled automatically.

2- At the Hardware Side; If the hardware infrastructure of the service is procured by Datacosmos, the operations of hardware’s pre-breakdown health checks, regular monitoring and periodic maintenance, upgrades at the operating system level, and closing security gaps are carried out by the Datacosmos engineers. The Datacosmos monitoring team identifies the CPU, RAM, disk increase, and server change needs before without reflecting them to the company, reports to the management, and changes are made by procuring parts, devices, or servers as soon as possible.

Also, the upgrades at the systems and applications level and system compacting for security are conducted by the Datacosmos engineers. These operations are carried out by taking a decision jointly in order to comply with the security policies of the service provider company.

If we are to take a look at the details of the service offered by Datacosmos, you can see many subheadings, ranging from environment analysis-monitoring, design-to-restore tests, and periodic environment reporting.

If we are to summarize the Workflow;

When starting the project, first a project report containing the design is created by conducting an environment analysis with the service provider.Following the approval of the service provider, the installation is started. After the installation, the application is put into service by loading the components of the software.

DTo prevent problems that may arise in the future, applications and components are always kept up-to-date and in the most resilient state within the meaning of security by regular updates and repairs.

Received archives, backups, and replications are periodically tested. In particular, specific planned and unplanned test scenarios are implemented for servers and applications subject to Managed Disaster Recovery Services. For any disaster that may happen to our customers, the units in Datacosmos work with a 24/7 sentinel system.

Once the planned configurations are completed, the served environment is monitored 24/7. If there are warnings and errors encountered during monitoring, the respective units are ensured to respond. The company is regularly informed about the daily operations and the status of the works carried out in this context.

In order to determine the quality standards and service level, the previously agreed SLA ratios can be traced on the dashboard opened to the company. The company can follow instant operations from this dashboard, reporting, and management screens if it wishes to do so.

All of our Backup, Archive, Disaster, and Hosting services are administered by separate expert teams, each being specialized in their own field, through the Datacosmos Monitoring Center.

If we are to mention a few numbers in the BACKUP service

On Datacosmos
Daily 11,000 backup jobs
Weekly: 85,000 backup jobs are in operation.
And the success ratio of these operating jobs is over 99%.

These data show how serious position Datacosmos has in its field.

Repeated work and an expert team bring along success.

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