DataCore, Strength of Commvault HyperScale X in Turkey


Modernize your Data Management Approach by an Extensible Infrastructure
DataCore, Strength of Commvault HyperScale X in Turkey

Challenges related to traditional scale-up architecture

Commvault has been awarded with the leading rating for 9 years in the Magic Quadrant of “Data Center Backup and Recovery Software” published by Gartner. This is strong evidence that Commvault is very successful when it comes to innovation, software development, and customer satisfaction.

Nowadays, coping with, managing, and protecting the ever-growing data presents challenges and difficulties to data processors. Whether working on-prem or on the cloud, using an old scale-up architecture not designed for modern infrastructures of our times further becloud the challenges deepens it.

Traditional corporate backup focus on appliance servers and storage to be able to run the backup software, data deduplication processes and storage services. This method introduces the following challenges:

  • Data silos/data fragmentation: When an appliance fills up, you purchase another one, which is managed separately. This increases complexity and limits visibility into your data.
  • Over-buying capacity upfront: You must forecast your future growth, which may result in overprovisioning storage upfront and spending more than you need to.
  • Expensive forklift upgrades: When it’s time to renew your appliance, you’re forced into an expensive forklift upgrade that typically requires taking your system offline to migrate your data.
  • Poor cloud integration: Many scale-up solutions have a limited ability or inability to migrate data to the cloud, or migrating data requires another solution, adding complexity and cost.
  • Performance declines as capacity expands: Systems are sized for maximum capacity, so as you expand storage capacity within an appliance, your performance degrades.

Scale-out: A better approach

By shifting data management and protection to a scale-out architecture, you can help transform your environment to be as flexible, resilient, and scalable as public cloud infrastructure. Predictable performance and hardware costs, operational efficiencies, and simplified support allow the replacement of limited and legacy backup tools with a modern data management solution that enables you to protect all your workloads running on-premises, in hybrid cloud, and in multi-cloud environments.

The maintenance and support services of large-scale corporate performed realized by Commvault in Turkey are offered by Datacore professional Services.

How Commvault HyperScale X solves modern data management

Commvault HyperScale X accelerates the adoption of a hybrid cloud with an integrated solution enabling extensive data management on a single extensible platform for the entire workloads including container, virtual, and databases. Concurrently, it enables to stay safe and secure by taking measures and precautions against the external world ransomware threats. Concurrently, it enables to stay safe and secure by taking measures and precautions against the external world ransomware threats.

It is offered with two solutions providing selection flexibility based on your custom requirements and preferences:

Commvault HyperScale™ X Appliance Commvault HyperScale™ X Software
You may select a fully integrated device with the Commvault hardware and software, facilitating the operations and infrastructure. Choose the pre-validated hardware platform and configuration from one of our industry-leading technology partners.
Ideally suited for smaller deployments with capacity requirements of <150 TB that want the simplicity of an all-in-one integrated appliance from a single vendor. Provides greater flexibility and allows you to leverage your existing vendor relationships Ideally suited for larger environments that require greater scale (>500 TB)

What makes Commvault HyperScale X different?

*The most substantial advantage of Commvault is to aim for fulfilling customer expectations and requirements with regards to data management by a Single software and a single solution objective.

HyperScale X, when combined with the capabilities of Commvault Data Protection software, employs a distributed scalable file system offering the following benefits independent of the application option:

  • High-performance backup and recovery with automatic load balancing that optimizes the efficiency and performance per node and enables enhanced recovery capabilities.
  • Optimized scalability that supports single-node expansion of a cluster up to 5PB of capacity within a single deduplicated storage pool, avoiding excess costs caused by overprovisioning.
  • Cost-optimized cloud data mobility with the ability to easily backup, recover, and move data to, from, within, and between clouds natively (no additional solutions required) using policy-driven rules.
  • Built-in resiliency that enhances availability in expansion/failure scenarios and increases resiliency as you add nodes, including the ability to support multiple hardware failures, reducing downtime.
  • Enhanced ransomware protection that provides multiple layers of immutability across the software, OS, and file system to help prevent protected data from being accidentally or maliciously encrypted, modified, or deleted, helping you recover data in the event of an attack.

HyperScale X also includes enhancements that simplify deployment for complex or security-focused networks, accelerating your time to the first backup.

Commvault HyperScale™ X is a fresh approach to data management

Hyperscale X is an intuitive and easy to deploy, the scale-out solution that is fully integrated with Commvault’s Intelligent Data Services platform to help enterprises transition from legacy scale-up infrastructures. It provides unmatched scalability, security, and resiliency to accelerate an organization’s digital transformation journey as they move to hybrid cloud, container, and virtualized environments. Its flexible architecture allows you to get up and running quickly and grow as your needs demand.

Advanced immutability support offers protection against ransomware.

Software (WORM storage policies)

  • Attempt: Backup admin tries to accidentally delete backup job, policy, or library
  • Action: Denied by WORM (write once, read many) storage policy

Operating System (Access controls)

  • Attempt: Authorized user tries to encrypt, move, or delete files or reformat a disk
  • Action: OS blocks users and/or ransomware attacks through access controls.

File System (Immutability at the storage layer)

  • Attempt: Authorized or malicious user tries to modify or encrypt protected backup data
  • Action: Immutable file system prevents backup data from being modified/encrypted


HyperScale X scale-out software facilitates establishment of a storage pool for the purpose of hosting the backed-up data. 3 nodes configured in similar way are required to establish a HyperScale X storage pool. Extension of storage pool can be achieved by adding individual or multiple nodes. While node configurations offer flexibility and performance, it is optimized with sufficient resources to support the entire MediaAgent services. CommServe offers an integrated appearance to establish, monitor and manage the storage pool and HyperScale X nodes.